Tapping into Your Inner Wisdom

Sophia is dedicated to help people fully integrate their medicine experiences and bring the lessons, transformations and teachings of the plants into their grounded every day lives. 

Sophia believes that the biggest transformations occur not in the Jungle or ceremony space, but back home, when trying to put the new ways of being into practice. 

She was born in the UK, and has an honours degree in Ancient History and has travelled all over the world, working as a therapist in many alternative modalities, which reflect her love of bringing ancient wisdom teachings into the modern world. 

With her integration clients, she uses a number of different therapeutic tools including PSYCH-K, Counselling, Crystal Therapy and Shamanic Healing. It is her belief that all wisdom lies within each of us and so she specialises in allowing people to tap into their own inner resources to understand and work with their medicine experiences in order to bring further growth and healing and fully embodied integration. 


Sophia Vasiliou
Co-Founder & Retreat Facilitator

Helping You Unwrap Your Gifts

Cynthia is 44 years young and lives in The Netherlands. She holds a MSc degree in Business Administration and worked as a business consultant in organisational change processes. Since 2011 she works as a self-employed trauma sensitive life-coach and integrative therapist and is acknowledged by her national public health care system.  


In 2016 Cynthia immersed herself into the Shipibo curanderismo tradition during a retreat in the Amazon jungle. Her aim was to restore her health by healing the remnants of a chronic illness, in which she greatly succeeded. In 2017 she returned to the Amazon for an Ayahuasca Curandero Initiation Course, where Cynthia and Sophia met each other. Cynthia frequently visits the jungle to deepen her study. She recently worked as a guest facilitator for the Ayahuasca Foundation’s four week Healing Empowerment Course in the new Riosbo Ayahuasca Research Center. 


It is Cynthia’s mission to facilitate people in finding wholeness within themselves, and to support their healing from trauma and life’s adversities. She works with the presupposition that every wound also holds important gifts, which she helps to find, unwrap and integrate. During her own integration phase after the training her plant teachers called to shift her focus of her plant medicine work towards facilitating the integration processes. And this is where Sophia and Cynthia were propelled into the making of Ayahuasca! Now what?  


Cynthia brings a treasure trove of tools and methodologies. She was trained in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Trauma Life Work (Peter Levine), Systemic Work (e.g. Family Constellations, Bert Hellinger), hot (hatha) yoga and Plant Medicine. She works with people’s unconscious parts, because this is where the greatest potential for healing lies dormant. Tapping into that area can be very effective, since it is normally out of scope for many people and nevertheless determines 95% of their behaviour in daily life. She guides her clients through this landscape with warmth, confidence, lightness, determination and a touch of playfulness. 

Cynthia Oppelaar
Co-Founder, Therapist & Retreat Facilitator

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